Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I cut a slot in the tang to hold the screw and drilled a 3/16" pin hole with a #12 bit. Then wrapped it up in a foil envelope and took it up to around 1060°C (1940°F) and air cooled it with compressed air.
The blade right before hitting the tempering oven. I tempered at 200°C (~400°F) for two hours then cooled. Repeated two times.
After tempering I scrubbed the blade a little with some sandpaper.
Here I am working the inside of the choil with the 1/2" drum on the oscillating spindle sander.
Pressed the stainless steel machine screw into the tang slot. I used an 8-32 x 2" screw that I'll cut off later. It's purpose is to hold the pommel and squeeze the parts of the handle while the epoxy cures. It's is very important to note that THE SCREW MUST BE THINNER THAN THE BLADE IS WHERE THE GUARD IS LOCATED.
Ready to hit with the welder.
This is pretty light stuff. Here is how I set the welder.
Cooling. Notice how I clamped it in the vise to dissipate any excess heat that my travel down the tang. We don't want to ruin the temper of the cutting area with too high of heat.
Now I can grind off the excess weld.
Good penetration and no cracks showing. Fingers crossed.

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