Wednesday, March 23, 2016

KN27 Chef's Knife in Yellow Birch and AEB-L

This one kind of snuck through the cracks as I had to get it out and didn't document all of the build.
It's chef's knife made from 0.130" AEB-L with 416 stainless steel bolster and flame yellow birch scales. The blade is 7" and 2" deep.
 Working the edge on the 5000 grit water stone.

I used the KN27 template and lengthened the handle by about 1/4". Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

I am keeping very busy right now with my hydraulic press project. I hope to be making some Damascus in the near future.




Justin Pierce said...

I've always thought yellow birch had potential as a handle material.
I've used it on several non-knife projects.
Yours looks fantastic.
Thanks for being a constant source of information and inspiration.

DanCom said...

Thank you for your kind comments. All the best!


Martin Woods said...

Hi how thick is that steel in mm please. I have been given a waste cutoff of stainless steel plate which is about 2mm thick and was wondering if it would make a kitchen knife.

D. Comeau said...

Hi Martin,

I started with stock that was 0.130" (3.3 mm). 2 mm is thick enough to make a kitchen knife. However it's really important that the steel you use has enough carbon in it to harden and make a useful knife. A lot of stainless steel will not harden properly if at all. I prefer to use cutlery steel like AEB-L or 154CM which hardens well and is very durable.



Martin Woods said...

Thanks. I will have to go back and ask the guy who donated it what kind of SS it is.