Monday, August 20, 2018

Stabilized Maple Burl Scales

I was lucky enough to pick up some Cactus Juice from a Canadian source (my friend John from Canadian Artisan) which didn't kill me on shipping. I had not yet tried Cactus Juice yet, but had worked with Stick Fast stabilizing resin in past stabilization projects and was quite happy with the results.

The wood is from a friend's back yard. I used a temporary fence on my Porta-Band to slice the scales out.

Although the relative humidity here is quite low, I took an extra step to really dry out the wood. Into the toaster oven for the day at 50 to 100°C to reduce any moisture in the wood before going in the vacuum chamber.

Working the vacuum in the resin solution.

Here's the results of two amazing sets. Once they are whetted they really pop. (Click for a larger image.)



Unknown said...

Stabilizing gets to be addictive but fun, thanks for the link.


Johan Nel said...

Great work, Dan. Those scales look amazing!

D. Comeau said...

Thanks Johan!