Monday, March 11, 2019

4,000,000 Page Views

Thanks to everyone who stopped by over the past five years. I started this humble blog in 2013 to document my knifemaking journey and it has sort of taken on a life of its own.



Unknown said...

hey Dan any recommendations for buying steel in Edmonton area? and any good knife makers around the area that offer courses? Thanks for the blog, great info

D. Comeau said...


The only place I know in Edmonton that sells something to make a decent knife out of is Metal Supermarkets. They have O1 in 3 foot lengths in stock. I get 90% of my steel from Canadian Knifemaker Supply in Sundre. It costs a little for postage ($18 the last order I placed) but I can get 1084, 1095, W2, CPM154, AEB-L and Nitro-V, S35VN and other premium cutlery steel without import charges like the US suppliers.


Justin Pierce said...

I think you've been a valuable source of inspiration, and information for knifemakers and knife lovers. And we all owe you a big collective thank you.