Monday, September 23, 2019

KN34-2 Honesuki Western

KN34-2 Honesuki Western (Full Tang)

This is a smaller kitchen knife that has a fairly stiff spine that is useful for boning and general slicing. The bevel is ground on the right side only which makes it a little unusual to operate, but once one gets used to the asymmetry it become very handy.

The blade is shaped and ground from AEB-L 3/32" which is supposed to be 0.09375" but usually a little thicker and measures closer to 0.11" when I check it with the caliper. The handle is made from Inkline Spalted Maple from and the bolsters are 316 stainless with 316L pins. The pattern for the KN34 is here.



DVS said...

Great looking knife. Thank you for sharing this and the wealth of information on your site!!!!

Unknown said...

Looking great! How do I contact you directly? I am interested ingetting something together for folks to order heat treated blanks from your patterns. Care to discuss?

C Jost said...

Does anyone know what the DH29 template is would it be done as a flat grind or a hollow grind?
B4D-14. Thank you! Curt Jost

D. Comeau said...

I flat grind most of my knives. However if you choose to hollow grind, take the height of the blade and thickness into account. I would say an 8" or 10" contact wheel should do it.