Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Two FK3 Fillet Knives

Two 8" Filleting Knives for Christmas

The top guy is made from 3/32" AEB-L stock with a stabilized curly blue dyed maple handle.
The bottom is made from 3/32" 154CM stock with stabilized Karelian birch with 304 SS bolsters.
(Click for larger image.)



Toby said...

Beautiful as always

D. Comeau said...

Thanks Toby!

Unknown said...

This is a knife i am wanting to make :) beautiful although mine will be in boat so kinda to nice lol. Im not a blogger although i have found some of my best reading comes form blogs. I have started the knife making trade as just a metal remover atm. Your blog sir is by far the best i have found. Thank You. from KY!!!