Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Four Out of the Oven

Customer is looking for "smaller" full tang kitchen knives. These are K-tip style compact chef's knives (5.5" to 6.5" blades) from 1/8" AEB-L. Fresh out of the oven today. 

Now on to the fun part.



SS369 said...

But where is the template , KN74, and any write up?
And while I am asking about templates; where might be CP29?
How come the templates in general can’t found by using the search function?
Btw, Thank you for all you are sharing!!

D. Comeau said...

Hi Scott,

Sometimes, like in the case of the CP29, I make a pattern and number it without creating a PDF. Other times (like with the KN74) I haven't had the time get the newest templates up.

The search function is provided by Google, so I can't do much to improve it other than point out that it's not that great.

I will see if I can create the CP29 from the photos I have.

Thanks for stopping by,


SS369 said...

Hi Dan.

Thanks for responding. I stop by often and appreciate the great work and sharing you do!

Looking forward to what you bring and I'll put it to use.

I mainly just use some thin MDF and just design on the fly.
My biggest challenge is pin hole locations. They mostly just look off or not what I expected when finished. Doesn't take much...