Sayber OSG Wheels

Wheels for My Sayber OSG Belt Grinder

For my higher-end grinder Sayber OSG (Open Source Grinder) I ordered the Oregon Blade Maker's 4 piece aluminum wheel set with a drive wheel having a 5/8" bore.

It should be noted that not all motors can use this drive wheel. Only motors with 5/8" keyed shafts can use this set. Fortunately, Oregon Blade Maker offers a set for 7/8" and 24 mm motor shafts.

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The parcel came very well packed. Made it half way to the North Pole!

Each wheel was individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

The machining on these wheels is very good.

This set has a drive wheel with a 5/8" bore and has a 3/16" keyway. NOTE: if your motor is has a different size shaft, say 7/8" then be sure to order the correct set.

This is where you get the long 1/8" hex wrench down to lock the setscrew into the keystock

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