Thursday, September 5, 2013



I started doodling knives and come up with a pretty cool design for my second knife. The spine is an arc and the blade is a drop point, thus I dubbed it Arc Drop 1. Having a slab of 0.156" CPM154 that was 9" long sitting and looking like it needed a purpose I started on the AD1 this morning.

This was the initial sketch, but considering that I am working with a 1 1/2" piece, I made an artistic call to make the belly deeper. The sketch is 1.125" at the ricasso line, while the grind-time variations resulted in it being 1 1/4".

Plywood template is made from the sketch. I drilled the pin holes in this after I took the picture.

The 0.156 (5/32)" material is only slightly easier to work than the 0.187 (3/16)". I went through 2 bi-metal hacksaw blades.
With a little help from the bench grinder and belt sander this is where I got to today.

There are two inclusions in the blade area that I want to work out. Luckily they are not too deep, about 0.01inch. I am not going to grind out the inclusions where the handle slabs will be.

This is after another 1 and 1/2 hours on the 50 grit belt. Inclusions are gone and I am starting the grind the cutting edge.

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