Monday, August 19, 2013



After the etching, I prepared the tang for epoxy by drilling some depressions on both sides.

As the handle scales had been pre-fitted before forging, only the brass 0.25" round stock needed to be cut.

 Checking the pins and scales.

Mixing up some Gorilla brand expoy. I used a stick to smear the handle slabs. Not too much as it squeezes out.

 Once clamped, wipe the excess epoxy off and wait.

Now that the epoxy has set, I went about grinding the pins to near exact size with the drum sander and commenced the final sanding of the handle starting at 120 grit and working up to 320 grit.


 Tung oil does wonders for wood. Rub this in with a clean rag and buff a little.

 This is the BC1. The final step is to work the cutting edge with the stones and strop.

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