Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Before firing this blade I polished it up to 320 grit and made sure I removed all the major scratches. (A lesson learned from my second knife.) I clamped it down and worked the sand paper from 150 grit to 320 grit.

It went into the mini forge for 45 minutes at full blast. you can see from the picture it's getting pretty hot.

As I don't have a thermometer/thermocouple that goes this high I can only use the colour of the steel as a temperature indicator.
 I warmed the oil with another torch and quenched it until the colour disappeared.

Then air cooled on an piece of aluminum. You can see the oil residue from the quench and some scale that formed during the heat treatment.

Now for more elbow grease. This time 220 grit wet sanding until the blade was clean again. Not too worried about under the scales as long as the epoxy will have a place to attach. Note the three extra holes for epoxy grip.

 Now into the toaster oven for three 2 hour soaks at about 200°C (425°F).

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