Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Drop-Point Hunter Scales

DH1 will feature maple burl slabs to make a rustic, yet durable handle.

To pin the handle I marked, punched and drilled 4 x 1/8" holes in the tang. It's a good idea to put some protection on the blade. This will protect the blade AND maker from injury.

 I traced out the slabs, marked them L & R and cut them out with the band saw. Once cut to the rough shape, I clamp them to the tang one at a time and drill the 4 holes on the drill press.

I pinned the slabs on with 1/8" wooden dowel and went to the belt sander and drum sander.
 This is after sanding the coarse outline.
 After some careful shaping I wanted to check the burl with a drop of tung oil.


So far so good!

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