Saturday, October 19, 2013


I had such good feedback on the style of DH1, that I decided to make another, slightly smaller version. I am calling it DH1-2, probably obvious hey? This is from 5/32" piece of 154CM. I had made a few sizes of templates for DH1, so I got to work.

Cut out from a larger piece with hacksaw. I used a small drill bit and the drill press to cut the tighter curve. The more material is removed here the less time I spend at the grinder.
 Shape is close. A little larger than the template. The template is 7.875" and this knife will be a hair over 8".
 Working the bevel with the beveling jig.

Marked, punched and drilled the holes for the pins, plus three glue holes to help bind the scales.

File work

This knife I wanted to try my hand at some file work. The classic vine on the spine seemed easiest to do and fairly low risk. I marked off where the slabs will go, then marked the spine at 10mm intervals. 

Alternate with semi circles. That is, every 20mm down one side and offset them down the other side. No reason for starting one side first. It just kind of happened.

I did these semi circles with the small 1/2" drum sander on the drill press.

Then added the "leafs" with a needle file. Looks okay for a first attempt. I'll have a go tomorrow at cleaning up the curves a little.

This now needs a clean up and I'll send it off for heat treating.

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