Wednesday, October 16, 2013


For this scale glue up and pinning I am using some 1/8" mosaic pin stock from Canadian Knifemaker Supply. I did find that the holes I had drilled were a teeny bit small. My solution was a 1/8" diamond coated die grinder bit. With this I was able to work the holes a few thou and the brass pins went through without excessive force.

Getting ready for the big squeeze!

I prepin one scale and let the pins extend a little more than the thickness of the tang. This helps in aligning the two scales when the epoxy is on. I keep a mallet and piece of hardwood handy for getting the pins through. I also wipe eerything down with acetone before expoxy touches anything.

 A few clamps usually does the trick. I have some vise-grip type with leather inserts in the jaws so they aren't so hard on the wood. Ratchet clamps work great too.

 This is the "ooze" I am looking for. I will wipe the excess off before it cures. Otherwise, it's hard to sand and gums up the belts.

Basic shaping with the belt sander.
The mosaic pins are going to look good.

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