Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Once the epoxy cured I began shaping the scales. I used the belt sander with 120 grit to bring the shape very close to what I wanted. Running over that with 220 grit paper "free style" gives it some comfort.
 I burned the customer's initials into the butt of the knife with letter stamps gently heated with a propane torch.
First application of Tru-Oil. Tru-Oil is made by Birchwood Casey, a long trusted name in the gunsmith's world. Use the best possible brush you can find. I use a 1/2" fine artist's brush.

After the Tru-Oil dries. Sand with some 600 grit and re-apply. All the high spots should be gone after sanding and the finish is feeling silky.
Detail of how the epoxy fills the gaps in the vine pattern filework.

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