Sunday, October 13, 2013


For this sheath I started with a piece of 10 oz vegetable tanned leather and a template I made from heavier construction paper. I traced the basic shape and cut it out with snips.

From the same stock I cut the welt. Not the hole for the welt slit at the tip.
Softened with water lightly before stamping.
The basic pattern is a walk around with my "tire track" stamp.
The bordering is embellished with a camo pattern.
Customer name on the backside.

Initial dyeing -- medium brown.
Clamp in approximate shape while the dye dries.
This is where the belt loop is going to go. Enough for a 2" belt.

Run around the edge with a compass and then impression every 3/16" for drilling.
Belt loop gets glued with contact adhesive and drilled with a 1/16" bit.
Inside stitching. Melt and press the knot down with a lighter.

Edge glued and drilled. Ready to start stitching.

Double stitched. This requires a piece of sinew about 16 times the length of the sheath itself.
After a walk around with the belt sander, I rubbed some touch up dye an some Tandy "Antique Leather Finish."
After a fitting and a generous application of dubbin the shaping is done. The fit is good and the knife stays put.

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