Sunday, January 26, 2014


My next knife is going to be a DH11 made from 5/32" CPM154. The slab I have is 9" long, but the pattern size is about 8-1/2" long, so there's a 1/2" of waste.

I transferred the paper template on to some thin plywood. Attached with a thin brushed on coat of super glue.
 The rough shape is traced with a paint pen.
 Hacksaw and more hacksaw. 18 TPI and a little elbow grease.
 I found it easier to use a small dill bit and drill press to get into the hard to hacksaw parts. With these little holes, I simply "connect the dots" with the hacksaw. Much easier.

I used the bench grinder to get the profile close. I used a drum sander to the get the finger relief shaped.

Now I am approximating the bevel, choil, handle scales, pin holes and lanyard hole. Some more work has to be done before the bevel grind begins, but this is a start.

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