Thursday, January 23, 2014


After tracing and cutting out the two scale pieces with the band saw I clamped one side to the tang and  drill the holes for the pins to 3/16" while it stays clamped.

Note that this is a tapered tang, so I set the back end of the tang on a piece of sheet metal then drilled the holes. This compensates for the taper. I then drilled some red spacer material.

Once both scales and and the spaces are drilled, I temporarily pin them with wooden dowels and shape the front of the handle. As everything is pinned together all the layers should line up later.

Put some tape in the blade for grip and protection. Put your respirator on. This stuff can be nasty.
I stack everything in place and pin again with the wooden dowels. Tap them in with a hammer and we're ready to hit the sander. It took some time on the belt and disc sanders as these scales were thick!

Detail shaping with the sanding drum. For me this is a very pleasant and relaxing operation. Adjust the speed of the drill press to control the rate of removal. I used a 1" drum (150 grit) which is the same diameter used to make the finger choil in the steel.

 The roughed handle.
After a picture or two, the handle will be disassembled and reassembled without the blade. The fronts of the scale will trued and detail sanded and the blade will be worked and perfected up to 400 grit.

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