Sunday, May 18, 2014


As I am still learning to use my new grinder, I opted for a full flat grind on this knife. I am still working out the techniques on plunge line and what belt grits to use. I did the full grind up to 120 grit.

I am going to use the camo scales I made in my DIY Micarta project.  I trace an outline of the tang on the scale pieces with paint pen or permanent marker.

Heading over to the band saw, I rough out the shape there.

Ditto for side two. I like to mark them now with RO and LO for "Right Outside" and "Left Outside" so I don't mix them up going forward.

Clamp one scale and drill one hole. Insert a pin or dowel into that hole to fix the scale and tang together, then drill a second hole. Insert a second pin and drill the third hole. I use drill bits for pins or sometimes wooden dowels.

I am always trying hard to make sure the front of the scales line up perfectly. I usually clamp these together and shape them on the belt sander at the same time. This way the alignment should be perfect. If not, when I take the scales off, I will re-pin them and touch up the alignment sans blade.

Using wooden dowels at this stage helps hold everything together and they are easy to pop out to remove the scales.

I like to take the rough scales to about 1/8" of inch to the steel. This will allow the real finishing to happen after heat treating when they are pinned and epoxied on.

Now to get the blade finished up to 400 grit or so before heat treatment.

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