Friday, May 16, 2014


The resin/fabric scales shape fairly well, but tend to clog up belts. I did the rough shaping with a 50 grit belt on the 4x36" belt sander. Making each side close to the same thickness is the trick.

With the drum on the drill press, I go at the curves and work it down to the steel. The steel is very hard and there is not much damage that can be done by making short term contact with the sandpaper that's largely plugged with polyester resin.

You can see here there are some scratches to work out yet. I moved up from 220 to 320 to 400 grit and then buffed with a plain cotton wheel.

Careful with the heat from a cotton wheel spinning at 3500 RPM. It can melt the polyester and it's back to sanding again.

After the buff, it's starting to look like a polished stone.

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