Saturday, May 17, 2014


For heat treatment, I placed the knife in a stainless steel pouch and it went into the oven at 1060°C for 15 minutes. I then removed and quickly cooled with two copper plates while blowing with compressed air. 

Then I immediately placed it into my tempering oven for two, two hour cycles of 200°C. I should be in the Rockwell 59C range for hardness.

 The blade looks like schmeg with the oxidization on it. I take to it with some sandpaper and WD-40. Starting at 220 grit.
And ending up at 400 grit. I don't want to go too fine as I am looking for a matte finish.
A quick wipe with acetone and let it dry. Then apply the stencil as straight as possible. Masking tape holds it down. I press the stencil down with my fingers and wipe then etching pad across, from left to right. I like to go 10 times on 'etch' then switch my etcher to 'mark' for 5 passes.
 The result is a nice dark etch that will clean up well.
I have some stencils for different types of knifemaking steel from Ernie Grospitch (Blue Lightning Stencils) that I use to mark the blades.
 Applying some tape to protect the blade is a good thing. I like to tape right up to where the scales go so any excess epoxy squeezes out on the tape, not the blade.
Pins in, epoxied up and a gentle squeeze. Once it's oozing, I like to wipe the excess with wet wipes.

I hit the pins with a belt grinder to get them nice and close to the scales. The handle is now ready to start some finer sanding on.

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