Monday, May 19, 2014


The DH21 is a shape I really like and hope to make a few of these eventually. This initial iteration begins life as a piece of 5/32" 154CM. This should end up in the 8-3/4" overall length range.

I start with the printed template and select the appropriate size for my piece of steel. I cut out and glue the paper to a piece of 1/4" high-ply plywood.

Once the pattern is shaped, I lay it on the steel to check placement and dimensions. Looks like a little waste, but this will be fine.

I sand the face of the steel and apply some layout fluid. Once dry, I clamp the pattern down and scribe around it with a scratch awl.

After a few minutes on the 'hogger' belt the blank is taking shape. I mark, punch and drill the pin holes. For this knife I'll use 3/16" pins and thong tube.

Some refinement in the shape and the we're almost ready to start removing some serious metal with a flat grind.

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