Wednesday, May 14, 2014



After lightly tracing a pencil line around the belly, I run the stitch wheel to make impressions for drilling.  I will drill in every other hole as the stitch wheel's 4mm spacing is pretty tight for leather work.
Using some black artificial sinew, I pull off 8 times the area I want to stitch. Then stitch towards the tip of the sheath. Then another pass comes back through the opposite holes, in the opposite direction.
I tie up the ends and use a lighter to melt the sinew.
Once it's all bonded together, I take to the belt sander and smooth the three pieces flush.
A quick run over with USMC black dye.
Once the dye is dry, I apply a liberal amount of antique finish.
The antique finish dries in about an hour. Then a quick buff on the cotton wheel will shine up the sheath and give it that "worn" look.

Not the most pretty sheath, but serviceable.

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