Tuesday, May 6, 2014


For the chef's knife I wanted to add some 416 stainless steel bolsters attached with 416 pins.

From some 3/8" bar stock I did a flat grind to reduce the thickness to about 1/4". I did this with a blaze 60 belt on the belt grinder.

Then I drilled a series of holes around the curves and cut the section off the bar with a hacksaw. Once cut off I used the belt grinder to carefully shape inside the curve. Then I cut down the middle line with a hacksaw.
Once the piece is cut into the two sides, I align them as perfectly by eye as possible and clamp them to the tang with the factory surface facing the tang steel.
I punched and drilled right through with a #30 bit. The two holes are approximately as seen in the KN5 Template.
I cut some 1/8" brass pins as temporary fasteners. I pinned everything together with a ball pein hammer. These will be driven out after the initial shaping of the bolster.

Once the pins are in, I can start shaping the bolster to match the tang. I will make them very close at this stage. Once I remove the bolster, I can work the faces to slope them down to the blade.

I am using a blaze 60 to shape the bolster pieces in place.

For the inside round I opted for a 3/4" drum sander which works pretty good.

Once the shaping is done I remove the bolsters from the tang and repin them together.

Once joined up, I shape the two pieces together.

Focus on the front of the bolsters as these are close to the blade and will not be accessible once pinned permanently to the blade. 

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