Sunday, May 4, 2014


After the blade is sanded to remove all oxidization, I wipe it with acetone and let dry. Then it's time to apply the maker's mark. I have a set of stencils from Blue Lightning Stencils. Some are my mark and a bunch of others are different kinds of steel.

 This is the blade with both maker's and steel markings on it. Ready to tape up the blade and start on attaching the bolsters and scales.

I trace the approximate tang shape onto the scales and make sure I am oversized by about 1/8" all the way around.

The scales are stabilized and cut well on the band saw without tearing of making much of a mess.
 The two scales rough cut.
 I then go over to the disk sander and get the surfaces to mate as perfectly as possible.
 Once mated, it's time to clamp each scale and drill to match the holes in the tang. These are 3/16" holes. A number 12 bit (0.189") would be better. I had to clean the inside of the holes with a diamond die grinder bit to allow the drill bit to pass through. Hole diameter must have changed dimensions during heat treatment.
 A test fit with the pins in place. Ready to mix up the adhesive.
Liberally smear the adhesive on and squeeze the scales together. If everything lines up perfectly this can done with soft-jawed vise grips like the one's I have on my Shop Jigs & Fixtures page.

We need a day to set. Then it's handle time.

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