Wednesday, June 4, 2014


With the positive feedback and suggestions received on the KN5 I 'd like to make another kitchen knife. Fortunately, I have had two requests to make chef's knives. Both would like a slightly larger blade and a handle more suited to larger hands, so I took the KN5 pattern and modified it a bit.

The new knife ends up being 12-1/2" overall with an 8" blade. The blade is 1-7/8" deep. I can allow a little more belly on the blade as I have some 2" stock to start with.

The two knives will come from a single 24"x 2" piece of AEB-L 0.130".

Here you can see the overlap. I oriented one blade upside down with respect to the other so I could gain the extra 1/2" per knife and still get them on a 24" piece.

Getting the profile done on the belt grinder with a Norton Blaze 60 grit and some leather work gloves.
Here are the two blanks waiting to have the primary bevels ground and holes drilled for handle pieces.

Here I am marking where the plunge line is going to be. I used a square against the spine of the blade.

Here are the twins with the primary bevels done. I used first a 60 and then a 120 grit belt.


John said...

Looking good!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Looking!!!!!!!!!!
Same to my custom case knives