Friday, May 30, 2014


 Before pinning the bolster and scales on I wanted to add the maker's mark and the steel type mark. I did this with my stencils and electrolytic etcher.

Added "AEB-L" mark on the right side of the blade, opposite my mark.

This is what Brownell's Acraglas looks like when it arrives. I won't be using the dyes, but the cups and sticks will come in handy. This kit makes two fluid ounces. I will be using about 1/2 an ounce per knife, so I measure it with 4 bottle caps to one bottle cap.

Applying the epoxy to seal the scales and bolster pieces on. I slathered it up and pressed the pins in. I used a carpenter's vise to squeeze them in and then tapped them near flush with a hammer.

Like any glue-up, put some gloves on.

A gentle clamping pressure and we wait for it to set. I wipe around the front of the bolster to remove any epoxy

Some notes on Acraglas. The ratio is 4 parts to 1. The mix time is 4 minutes. Working time is 15 minutes depending on temperature. Colder is slower. In my experience the working time was closer to 30 minutes, but it's cool in my shop.

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