Friday, September 26, 2014


With the second KN7 I wanted to lighten things up a lot. The first KN7 weighed in at a whopping 300 grams which is going to be tiring to wield for hours on end. With this build I envisioned G10 and stabilized burl wood, but I wanted more than the basic bolster handle scheme. Having thought about it some, I come up with an interesting idea that will take some planning to execute.

I made an oval pattern about 115 x 65mm. See the Ovals Pattern PDF file here. I printed on paper and glued onto some lightweight plywood.
Moving the pattern around I found a sweet spot where the curves look good and the pin holes will work for a three piece scale.
 I placed the oval on and trace the lines for reference.
I cut some 1/4" black G10 on the band saw. Four pieces are needed. Two for the front bolsters and two for the rear bolsters. I will start with the rear bolster pieces.

It's very important to wear goggles and a respirator when working with G10. The glass in it is irritating.
These start as about 1-1/4" squares and get shaped using the oval as a guide. Band saw and belt sander until the shape is a good match.

With two pieces shaped, they are checked against each other. An easy way to do this is get them close, then clamp them together with vise grips and finish the shaping on the belt sander while they are together.

Clamp on piece to the tang and drill to 3/16". Pin with a wooden dowel and clamp the second one to match. Remove the dowel and drill right through the first piece and the tang into the second piece. I use this same technique for matching scales. 

Once the two rear bolster pieces are temporarily pinned with wooden doweling, clamp and start shaping the wood section to match the curve. Disk sander works good here. Keep checking fit and adjusting.
Now you can use the oval to mark the bolster side of the wood scale piece to create the ellipse. Pin with dowel and repeat for the other side.

See Part 2 for more.

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