Friday, September 26, 2014


Part 2: Continuing with the multipart scales for the KN7-2.

Using dowel as pins I fit the second Amboyna burl scale to the rear bolster piece.
 Once drilled I remove from the tang and shape the fronts to match on the disk sander.
Now it's on to rough shaping the bolster, also black G10 and drilling and temporarily pinning. Testing the fit here is critical as the next fitting will be with epoxy and there is little room for error when the clock is ticking.
Removed from the tang, the two bolster pieces are pinned and sanded while a single unit. Focus here is on the fronts as these are extremely difficult to sand and polish while on the knife.
I cut and sanded all the pins about 3/4" long. These are brass 3/16" and brass 1/8". It's prudent to sand the ends a little bit so they go in easier and don't tear out when moving through the other side.   

Being frugal, I used a syringe and mixed a right-sized batch of Acraglas for this application. This amounted to about 4 ml of epoxy, which is about a teaspoon.

First the bolsters get pinned on, then the mid-section and finally the rear bolster pieces.
All gooped up and clamped with vise grips. Note I used some wipes to pad the clamps. Once cured the Acraglas will rip the leathers off my grips.

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