Friday, September 26, 2014


I left the Acraglass overnight to cure. Once set, it was a job to sand everything back to some basic shape where the sides are parallel and the shape matches the tang..

This is quite crude at this stage. I am using the 4x36 belt sander with 80 grit belt/
To get inside the curves, a half-round file is handy. This moves material quickly, but we have to be careful when getting close to the steel as it will scratch heavily.
The profile is done. Now for some 150 grit sand paper.
 Moving over to 220 grit with some window cleaner as lubricant.
 Some more mild shaping and work with the 340 grit.

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Esse Hominem said...

Very nice work on the handle of the chefs knife, and I like your additional pages with info related to knifemaking.
PS, Would like to get in contact, but could not find an eMail address. You can reach me at bitjarn[at]