Saturday, November 1, 2014


I've always wanted to make a full-tang Japanese style chef's knife. The recipient has chosen one of the KN11 style patterns. This will be about 12-1/2 inches overall with a blade of around 7-1/2 inches, made from AEB-L 0.130" x 2" stock.

 I used some layout dye and scratched the shape around the pattern.
 With a small bit I drill a series of holes around the inside curve of the handle/ricasso area.
Clamped in the vice, I cut with a hacksaw. Removing the large pieces now means less grinding and saves belts.
 Cutting along the belly.
 Once it's close the grinder works quickly with a Blaze 60 grit belt.
For the tight inside curve I hop over to the drill press and work a 1/2" drum. I find this faster than swapping over to the small wheel tool on the grinder as this only takes a minute to shape.

 The profile is roughed now. On to the bevel grind.

With the edge up I use the flat platen and a 60 grit belt. Working alternate sides until the primary bevel is made. This takes some patience and a lot of checking. After each pass check the bevel. I prefer to left (my weak side) then right (my strong side) can adapt and correct.

Some gentle rocking while grinding the primary bevel we'll produce a full convex shape. This is my aim with this knife. Now some grinding with a 120 grit belt.

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