Saturday, November 1, 2014


The "pins" are cut from 8-32 stainless machine screw at a hair under 5/8". They will have to thread, at least one end, through the tang and need to be ground a little after hacksawing them.
Once threaded in the pins are balanced so the same amount of pin is on both sides of the tang.
I fitted the pins in to the bolster pieces and applied some 5 minute epoxy. The epoxy will be acting as a sealer in the application.
Under the pin press for a full squeeze. See my Hydraulic Pin Press page on how to make an inexpensive bench mounted press.
Here you can see the bolster pieces are pressed on. Some cleanup around the joint to remove the excess epoxy is done with acetone and wiping with a rag.
Once the epoxy is set, I took to the belt grinder and shaped everything together.
I will be able to work the faces back, but I must leave more than 3/16" of material over the pin holes or risk exposing a pin.

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