Saturday, November 1, 2014


I did a small change of plan. Instead of starting out with two pieces for the front bolster, I carved out a single piece and ground it square.

Using the guide and marked the holes for drilling, drilled then cut the left section off. Repeated for the right side. The holes are 9/64" at 3/16" deep, all the same as the rear bolster.
The fronts have to be tidy. I clamped them together and used the Norax belt to give them a brushed look.
Same as the rear bolster, I cut two lengths of 8-32 stainless steel machine screw, each at 9/16" long. And mixed another micro batch of epoxy.
 Again the big press. This took a lot of effort.
Clean the excess epoxy with acetone. Again, the epoxy is used in this application as a sealer to keep water and food out of the joint.
Ready to start shaping the bolsters on the belt grinder.

On the grinder with 60 grit blaze to shape. The area is dunked in water after every pass.
 The basic shape of the bolsters are done. Next we need to cut the scale pins and add the scales.

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