Friday, December 26, 2014


For the bolster I am using some 1/4" thick by 1-1/2" 304 stainless steel. Although it is a bit tougher to work than 416, I feel it's superior corrosion and scratch resistance are worth the effort. Here I am tracing the left and right pieces on with a marker. Leave enough room between the pieces for a hacksaw to separate them later.
After some basic line work on the belt grinder, it's time to separate the sides.
 Now I bring them close to the lines with the belt grinder, again 60 grit and a pot of water here.
After both pieces are close to shape, I clamp them together with a vise-grip and grind them together so they match.
Aligned to the mark on the knife I clamp and drill to match the tang holes. A #30 jobber bit is best here. After the first hole, I insert a piece of 1/8" pin then check alignment and drill the second hole. Pins are used to temporarily hole the pieces while drilling through the last side.
Now the bolster pieces are drilled. We need to focus on the fronts. Remember, these are difficult to polish after they are installed on the knife.

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