Friday, December 26, 2014


The next day, after the Acraglas has set I grind the pins down with the belt grinder and do some initial shaping. Keep a bucket of water handy as we don't want to burn or blacken the Acraglas.
 Shaping with an aggressive round file will work here,
 Or a drum sander (or small wheel attachment on your belt grinder).
Once the bolster is coarsely shaped, choose and cut the scales. I used a regular compound-mitre saw to cut these on an angle. Just remember the bottom side can tear out. A super sharp 60 tooth carbide blade is recommended.
With the angles cut, I clamp and drill the holes for the pins. As usual, I like to use the slightly oversized numbered bits, in this case #30 and #12.
 The scales are drilled, now over to the belt sander to shape the flats.
Optimally, the pins are cut to about 1/8" over size so when it's all glued up about 1/16" is sticking out each side.
 Mix up another regular 5ml batch of Acraglas and a gentle squeeze.
Make sure there is a enough Acraglas to make a healthy meniscus on the filework. Wait overnight before shaping the handle.

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