Friday, December 26, 2014


Clean the area to etch well. I use isopropyl alcohol or acetone. Let it dry 100% before tacking the stencil down
After etching, I like to wash the area with Windex to neutralize any of the electrolyte solution that may remain on the steel.
Here I am etching the steel type, in this case CPM154 on the obverse ricasso.
 Once the etching is clean and no more work needs to be done on the blade, we can go ahead and attach the bolster pieces.Notice I have drilled some shallow, random holes in the bolster pieces to increase the surface area.
Taping up the blade prevents it from being scuffed during the next operations


 I've attached the bolster pieces with a small batch of Acraglas and a gentle press in the hydraulic press to slightly expand the pins.

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