Friday, December 26, 2014


The DH44 pattern has a great shape, but a fairly long handle. I'll do this one with a stainless bolster to work into the choil area. The steel choice is CPM 154 in 1/8".
 Over to the grinder with a 60 grit ceramic belt.
 The basic profile has been shaped.
 To the 4x36" belt sander for some longwise clean up.
 The basic profile shown against the pattern.
Now to the grinder for the primary bevel. A fresh blaze 60 cuts the way. I like to do one or two passes per side and flip over and do the opposite side.
 After the grinder, it's off to the hand sand jig for some finish sanding.
This is the result of some wet sanding. Careful attention to the plunge line to remove any coarse scratches there.

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