Friday, November 14, 2014


The front bolster for the KN9 will be made of 416 stainless steel. As the bar that I have has been surface ground I used want these flat surfaces to contact the tang.

Essentially the layout is done by placing the knife on the stainless and marking the shapes for the left and right bolster pieces on the bar. When grinding, I like to keep everything as long as possible. This way I have something to hang on to.
After some curves are ground I need to cut the right piece off the bar. Yup, good old hacksaw always works. I continue grinding the left piece as much as I can, then cut it off the bar.
Once both pieces are cut off, align them and clamp them well with the vise-grips. Now you can match the pieces. We are focusing on the whole shape, but special attention to the fronts.
Here's the two pieces rough shaped.
Testing them against the tang for shape.
He I am rounding the fronts of the bolsters with a 120 grit belt. Working on symmetry while maintaining the arc shape.
Looking pretty good. Now switching belts to about a 320 grit.

The bolster pieces are ready to polish.

I have a little bench grinder that I use only for buffing. Some green (stainless) and black (general purpose) polishing compounds make 416 stainless shine like a mirror.

Here's a shot of the front of the bolster pieces. When I finish hand sanding the blade, I'll be able to clamp and drill these for pins.

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