Friday, November 14, 2014


The rear bolster pieces are black G10.  I traced the back of the tang and cut them on the band saw. 
 After shaping the curved fronts on the belt sander, I'll put these aside and work the scales.
The scales are stabilized Amboyna burl from Great stuff and I know it's going to last in the kitchen.
 I trace and cut these on the band saw as well. Cut outside the lines as we'll get more precise in the next steps.
 After cutting, some rough shaping is done on the disc sander.
 Followed by the good old file.
This is the fitting of the scale. 
 Now over to the drill press, clamp and drill the holes for the pins. I drill the holes slightly oversize with numbered bits #12 for 3/16" pins and #30 for 1/8" pins.
Once the pin holes are drilled, cut and test fit the pins and scales all together.

Once the dry fitting is proven, go for the epoxy. A light clamping ensures that the epoxy oozes out and fills any cracks. Waiting 24 hours for this to cure and we start shaping the handle.

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