Friday, November 14, 2014


 Now that it's all glued up, I put my respirator on and go to work.
 I like the belt sander for coarse shaping and flattening.
 The belt grinder comes in handy around the curves. Here I am using a 60 grit belt to shape.
 This is the G10 rear bolster and bringing it down to the steel. Cool.
 Once the basic profile is done, I like to start shaping. Using the same tools and sometimes a small sanding drum on the drill press.
 Step up to a 120 grit belt and keep working. Careful around the stainless bolster. We don't want to hack that up too badly. The objective here is to get close and not go any deeper than the front bolster.
 Now I move over to the bench and start wet sanding with sandpaper. Moving up in grit from 180 to 600 or so.
Now it is over to the buffer with some green compound, followed by a good cleaning with Windex and then over to the clean cotton wheel for some final buffing.

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