Wednesday, January 21, 2015


My first knife project of 2015 will be two little DH1s. I have a piece of 1/8" 154CM that's 2" by 8" long. I can cleave the one piece into two knives if I am very careful. If all works well, these will be third and fourth DH1s I've made.

Here's a sneak peek of what they turned out like:


I traced the shape on the steel with the DH1 7.875" pattern. You'll see there is little room for error. The blade will take up about 1/16" if I am right between the lines.
Sporting a 1/16" cobalt bit I drill a series of holes between the shapes.
Now connect the dots with a hacksaw. Note that the blade needs to be turned 90° as we get into the middle region.
 Not pretty, but separated. Now to clean them up.
 On the grinder with a 60 grit belt. Remove excess stock back to the lines. This is why it's called 'stock removal'!
 One done. Repeat the process for the other brother.
 Two done.
I used a spindle sander with a 1/2" drum to get the inside curve looking smooth.
Once they are profiled close to the pattern, I mark them A and B.
On to the sander for some surface smoothing.

 Now that they are separate, I will work on them one at a time up to heat treatment.

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