Saturday, February 21, 2015


The BC8 is for the Canadian Knifemaker Forum Spring 2015 KITH (Knife In The Hat). This is intended to be a Woodlore style bushcraft knife, with palm-sized blade and flared handle. I am trying out two sizes: 7.5" and 7.875" overall length.
After transferring the printed template to some thin plywood, I cut them out and shape them on the disc sander.
Some rummaging through my steel stock I settled on some CPM154 of 5/32" thickness.
Here I am sizing up the pattern to get the best fit. Quite a bit of material will have to be removed. Placement of the pattern helps with how much cutting and grinding have to be done.
I place the pattern close, about 1/16" to 1/32" away from edge and clamp it in place. Then I trace the pattern with a fine Sharpie. You could use layout dye and then scribe it, but I've found Sharpie holds up to the heat and water (cooling).
Here I am shaping the profile with a 60 grit ceramic belt. I like to bring everything super close to the line at this stage.
Here is the profile. Next we need to clean up the steel and surface it to remove any mill scale and surface inclusions.


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Hi, I have some questions about setting up PID, I have a smaill diy kiln. I have not changed any parameters and my pid keeps over shooting. May I have your email??

Nice work!!

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