Monday, January 19, 2015


 I used Acraglas and clamped this baby up at my work because it's warm there all day, so I didn't get any photos of the glue up.  But here she is, B5B01.
 There is going to be some plugged belts here. African Blackwood sticks to belts like nobody's business. So I decided to use some old 60 grit belts to get the shape of the handle defined.
 Here we are starting to contour or make the roundness of the handle. This process takes a while and it's full of repeat processes. If you don't like the handle, repeat until it's good.
 After the 60 belt, I go to an old 120 belt and fill in the blanks. We really need to get back to the bench and sand out the bumps. That's okay! If you need to touch up with a file, sand paper or polishing compound, it's about getting the job done!

<<That's 100 grit paper and hand rubbing the handle.
 Now I am going to add black compound to the cotton buffing wheel. Give the handle a good going over and this process will reveal any scratches that need to be sanded with 100/200/400 papers until they disappear.
 Here is where we are at after buffing and sanding to fix any scratches. Not great but looking good!
 I put some Tung Oil on at this point.
 The Tung Oil can be made to "speed dry" with the trusty shop heater. Ya, I live in Canada and my shop heater runs all winter!

The next step is to peel the tape off and give the whole knife a rub, a clean up and a beautfication.

Here are seeing the same knife in the photo booth...

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