Tuesday, January 20, 2015


After heat-treat, I cleaned up the blade with 150, 200, 340 and 400 grit paper.
I am trying something different this time by making the cutting edge before all the handle work. I use an old worn out 120 grit belt to get the edge
A quick wipe with acetone, dry and fix the stencil in the right spot. Ready to etch my maker's mark in.
Cutting the mosaic pin. I like to cut them about 1/8" over size. That will be 1/16" sticking out on each side.
Now to cut the stainless pine. This knife three 1/8" pins. I also cut these a tiny bit longer than needed and chamfer the ends to allow them to press through without tearing out as they come out the far side.
Test fitted and ready to glue up.

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