Sunday, January 18, 2015


After the big glue-up, I grind the pins and excess epoxy off and start to shape the handle to the profile of the steel. I usually use the belt grinder with some old belts that don't mind getting plugged up with plastics. Yes, the stabilized wood is like plastic.

Now for some rounding of the handle.

After the belt grinder I head over to the bench and start with some 100 grit paper and Windex. Once the shape is satifying, it's 180 grit, followed by 220, 340 and 400 grit.

After 400, I like to go over to the buffer and apply some black compound. This is great for revealing hidden scratches. If some scratches show up, it's back to the sand paper.

If no major scratches show up on the first buffing, I like to go over to the plain old cotton wheel and shine up the handle.

After the tape comes off, there's usually some epoxy that has oozed out of front of the scales. To clean this up I like to use a small brass tool, like a chisel. I learned this from Ray Rogers. It's softer than the steel and won't scratch if you are careful.

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