Friday, February 20, 2015


After the epoxy has set hard, I start with flattening the scales and sanding the profile back to the steel on the 4x36".
I get to about this stage and start working the round on the belt grinder.
Here I am working the round, carefully shaping and matching the two sides. I use a 60 grit belt for this.
After getting the "round" approximate, I like to jump to a 120 grit belt and add some smoothness.
The palm-swell shape is common to English style bushcraft knives. This dovetails out at the butt end.
Here I am wet sanding on the bench. As this is stabilized wood, a little water isn't going to hurt anything. The water keeps the dust down.
I wet the scales to see what the finished product would look like. Left side.
Right side.
Top view. Some finer sand paper and a buffing on the cotton wheel comes next.


Unknown said...

How does the epoxy not get into the spine grooves?

D. Comeau said...

Hi Anthony,

I want the epoxy to fill in the firework. This makes it much easier to keep clean.

If you wanted the grooves with no epoxy, I guess you could clean them with a toothpick or a syringe or something before the epoxy sets.