Thursday, May 21, 2015


On the blade I am looking for small imperfections on the surfaces. I usually make a quick mark of the areas and work them with sandpaper and windex until they disappear.
The satin finish is achieved by sanding up to around 400 grit. Not usually more than 600 grit for a satin finish. Sometimes I will take the blade over to the buffing wheel and buff with green compound. This often reveals hidden scratches that need to be worked out again with sand paper.
Once satisfied with the blade finish, I clean with acetone, dry and apply my stencil.
The electro-etching pad is dampened with some electrolyte and applied to the stencil to etch my logo. As most people are right handed, I generally apply my logo to the left side of the blade.
Spray the etch area with some windex and wipe with a rag. This will neutralize the electrolyte. Then a quick buff with a blue scouring pad and it looks good.
Now to tape up the blade to protect it while we do the bolster and handle work.

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