Thursday, May 21, 2015


For the bolsters I am going with 304 stainless. I like the corrosion resistance, but it's tougher to work with. I have a bar of 3/8" x 2" that I cut from with the band saw.
Once cut, I square it up on the grinder, then cut it into short lengths. One per side.

After clamping and drilling one hole through. Insert a temporary pin, then clamp the second bolster side. Now pull the pin out and drill through the hole.

Here I am using some temporary 1/8" pins to hold the pieces together for drilling.

Once the second bolster piece is clamped to EXACTLY match the first piece, pull the temporary pin and drill right through.

After the second hole is drilled, you can remove the bolster pieces and pin them together for shaping as a single unit. The focus is now on the fronts. 

Once the faces are trued and polished, I pin the two pieces back on the knife.

Grind the faces flat and take some away from the inside curve. Remember, these are temporary pins and will be punched out and replaced with proper stainless steel pins.

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