Thursday, May 21, 2015


Before going to heat treat, I need to make the holes for the pins to hold the bolsters and scales on.

The layout will be a front bolster, scale and rear bolster arrangement. It's laid out and punched before drilling.

Drilling with #30 and F bits and coolant.

Now for a wrap in some stainless steel to make an envelope.

Oven is up to temperature. A soak for 10 minutes at 1070°C (1958°F)
Into the copper plates to quench.

Once cooled until the gloves won't burn when touching it, cut open the envelope and get it right into an awaiting oven set to 185°C (365°F).

Two hour at tempering, then cool. Again for another two hours at 185°C.

After the blade is out of tempering, I start on grinding away the rest of the bevel. This is done evenly on both sides, frequently dipping in the water to keep it cool and preserve the hardness in the steel.

I use a caliper to check the thickness at the edge. I want this to be 0.020" and even.Some more grinding brings it down to spec.
Now for some scrubbing with sand paper and Windex. This takes out any scratches. I start one grit back, say 100, then go up to about 400 with wet sanding.
It's ready for the maker's mark.

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