Thursday, May 21, 2015


For this new KN11, I wanted to use some AEB-L 0.130" as I was thoroughly impressed by the KN9 I made a year ago. I traced the basic shape, but made the blade longer so it's overall length is closer to 13".
I cut the basic shape on the band saw. This has become one of my most used tools in the shop. See Porta-Band Bench Mounted Conversion.
Here's the blade with the pattern.
I used the spindle sander to shape the inside curve.
With a magnet, I use the belt sander to clean up the surfaces. AEB-L is really nice as it has a very clean surface from the manufacturer.
This it, ready for the initial bevel grinding.

I used a Blaze 60 for bevelling. Starting at the tip and drawing across.

Although this looks pretty rough right now, it will clean up with some 120 grit action. I'll clean it up a little and get the heat treatment done.


Justin Pierce said...

I've made a few knives and tools over the years, but recently I've decided to get into making more of them. So I'm reading more knife blogs and sites and I keep finding myself here.
Thanks for taking the time to post all the info and photos.
Your blog has been very helpful, and it keeps me inspired to design and draw knives while I working on completing my grinder and heat treating oven.

D. Comeau said...

Thank you for the kind words Justin. I hope that you have great success in your projects. Please send some photos if you have.



Unknown said...

It's really great site I learned a lot from your idea thanks for your time really appreciate what you give us all

D. Comeau said...

Maktoum, Thank you for your kind words. I always hope that someone finds this stuff useful. :-)